VWBPE 2015

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March 18-21, 2015


Executive Committee

  • Kevin Feenan, Rockcliffe University Consortium
  • Leticia De Leon, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Dirk McKeenan

Organizational Committee

  • Logistics / Finance - Kevin Feenan
  • Programs - Leticia De Leon
  • Social - Roseanne Vojtec
  • Volunteers - Becky Adams
  • Outreach - Lorraine Mockford
  • Marketing - Elisa Butler
  • Information Technology - Dirk McKeenan / iSkye Silverweb


Editorial Review Board



2015 Thinkerer Award - Alice Krueger, President, Virtual Abilities

Keynotes and Featured Speakers

Opening Keynote

Virtual Education in Second life and in the Future
Ebbe Altberg
President, Linden Labs

Closing Keynote

Building Global Communities through Virtual Worlds
Jay Jay Jegathesan

Featured Presenters

How to Gain the Freedom to Use Immersive Experiential Technology in Your Teaching Practice
Gord Holden

Reconstructing and Navigating the Cross- roads of Community
Pamela Broviak

Creating Dinosaurs & Earning Badges
Jeroen Frans

Bootcamp for Virtual Teachers
Sensuous Maximus

7 Years of Adaptation and Renewal in Second Life
Susan Toth-Cohen

Shared Environments: Shaping Immersive Experiences
John Fillwalk

Featured Panels

Non-Profit Commons

Virtual Ability: Support, Collaboration, Research, Community

Seanchai: A Virtual Library Out Loud

Lecture Abstracts


Gaming and Machinima at the Crossroads of Gender and Culture
Sonicity Fitzroy (Phylis Johnson, RL)

Real Democracy in a Virtual World
Gwyneth Llewelyn

Best Practices

Crossroads in Designing through the Reality- Virtuality Continuum
Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo

The Food Processors of Education – The Normalisation of Virtual Worlds
Briarmelle Quintessa (Merle Hearns RL)

Immersion = Engagement in Corporate L&D
Julie LeMoine

Learning by Leading – Discover Your Destiny
Zinnia Zauber

Raychin Rachev, Jim Shuker, prof. Valearia Fol

Second Life Style: Fashion and Learning at the Virtual Crossroads
Sonicity Fitzroy (Phylis Johnson, RL)

Transcending Culture in Global Settings
Steven Van Hook/Kip Roffo

UnicamEarth Island: A Teacher Training on Geoscience Serious Games
Eleonora Paris Annalisa Boniello

Games and Simulation

Doctors Learn via Immersive Games
Julie LeMoine


Ten Tips for Designing Your Build
Kimberly Rufer-Bach (Kim Anubis in SL and OS)

The Story of Science during the Scientific Revolution: Designing an Educational Exhibit
Marie Vans/Amvans Lapis


Creating, Playing, and Learning in Minecraft as STEAM Knowledge Building Blocks
Christine Liao


Comparison of Teen Gamers and Non-Gamers in A Virtual Learning Simulation
Brian Cleveley/Eyem Beck Joey Peutz/Zoey Jeruben K.D. Hatheway-Dial/Jorgia Blackburn Karen Richel/Kaylee Innovia Lori Wahl/Diantha Petrov

Cyber Campus Environments for Effective Learning Support
SL: Skoui Aironaut RL: Louis Nisiotis

How Do Virtual Experiences Alter Users’ Visual Cognition?
Hsiao-Cheng (Sandrine) Han

Learning in Virtual Spaces - Jabbing the Education
Dinosaur Towards the Information Age Yen Verhoeven (a.k.a. Blue Myanamotu)

Patterns and Journeys in Quest Based Learning
AgileBill Krebs, Dr. Chris Haskell

The Third Culture: The Transforming Culture in Virtual Worlds
Hsiao-Cheng (Sandrine) Han

Tools and Products

Crossing the Bridge to Immersive Educational Experiences
Beth Reischl

Workshop Abstracts


Open Your Eyes and See NUMBERS: Without Words or Symbols!
Cooper Macbeth RebeccaLPatterson

Best Practices

Symbolic Modeling in SL
Marly Milena/Niela Miller


The Importance of Space
Eyem Beck, Diantha Petrov, jorgia.blackburn, Zoey Jeruben, Kaylee Innovia

Nothing Should Get in the Way of Teaching: Help Students Focus When and Where with Camera Control
Cooper Macbeth RebeccaLPatterson

Panel Abstracts


Fanny Starr – A Holocaust Survivor’s Firsthand Testimony
Helen R. Starr/Explorer Dastardly; Fanny Starr, Holocaust Survivor

Meeting of the Minds - Informal Learning in Informal Virtual Space
Yen Verhoeven (aka. Blue Myanamotu) Starr Zackerly Aubrey L. Jeppson (aka. Natalya Lore) (and 1 other presenter)

Best Practices

Content Curation Through Virtual World Communities
Valerie Hill, Renne Brock-Richmond, Beth O’Connell, Joyce Bettencourt

Help Education Quorum Roundtable
Carl Metropolitan & Brace Coral

Quill & Quarrel - REAL Theater in a VIRTUAL World
Rose, Gatz, LureBrann, Lilly, Cherish

Virtual Explorations

Tour of the University of the West of England Simulations
UWE Islands, Second Life


Afro-Latino Foodways Museum: A Class Final Project
UTEP Miners, Second Life

Inspiration Island: Home of the Ageless Mind Project in Second Life
Inspiration Island, Second Life