Kevin Feenan

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Personal Profile
Name Kevin Feenan
Credentials MBA, PMP
Social Media
Avatar Profile
Avatar Phelan Corrimal
Platform Second Life
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Avatar Phelan Corrimal
Platform OpenSim: Avacon Grid
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Avatar Corrimal
Platform World of Warcraft
Server US: Norgannon
Faction Alliance
Guild Nunquam Redono

Kevin is the founder of Knomaze Corporation and Rockcliffe University Consortium,

Knomaze Corporation specializes in IM/IT management consulting including organizational design, strategy, policy, business transformation, project management, application architecture, and business analysis. Industries include Government, Telecommunications, Insurance, Real Estate, NGOs, and more.

Rockcliffe University Consortium is a Global thinktank for educational best practices. We are here to SERVE - that is to provide collaborative opportunities for service, education, and research using virtual environments to prototype innovative ideas and experiences. Rockcliffe is currently focused on building our professional and research membership base.